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The Crisis We're Addressing

The Gap In Youth Development

Right now, too many of our teens are growing up unprepared for life's challenges. This isn't just a problem; it's a crisis. And it comes down to three big gaps:

Outdated Systems

Traditional learning systems aren't cutting it anymore. Why do so many teens seem disengaged even when they're in school? Maybe because schools seem to only focus on academics, neglecting crucial youth development areas like confidence and character. And afterschool programs? Only 11% of high schoolers are even enrolled.

No Blueprint for Success

Imagine stumbling through a maze with no exit. That's what it's like for our teens, who lack a structured system that teaches them how to thrive. They're not just disengaged; they're lost, unprepared for the challenges that adulthood will throw at them.

Digital Traps

Teens enjoy their screen time, but what are they really getting from it? Instead of growth, social media is often chipping away at their self-esteem and mental health.

Our teens deserve better than this. They deserve a future where they're not just barely surviving but thriving. Isn't it time we gave it to them?

Our Mission

Igniting Potential,
Building Futures

Our mission is simple yet transformative: We aim to empower every teen to thrive, no matter where they come from or what challenges they face.

Imagine a world where every teen has the tools to navigate life's hurdles, where they're not just dreamers but doers. We're not just talking about passing grades or landing a job—we mean cultivating inner resilience, forging genuine connections, and sparking a lifelong journey of growth.

This is more than a mission. It's a promise to our future leaders, thinkers, and creators. A promise that while the world may be tough, they'll be tougher.

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Why Ambition

The Solution At Their Fingertips

We have big ambitions, and here's why: Teens are already engaged on their smartphones, soaking up content every minute. But what if, instead of endless scrolling that leaves them drained, they could engage in something transformative?

That's where Ambition comes in. We've turned the device in a teen's pocket into a powerhouse of personal development. We leverage technology, the very thing teens are most engaged with, to infuse their daily lives with opportunities for growth. 

Our Approach

Empowerment Through The 5Cs

At the heart of Ambition is a proven formula: the 5Cs model of Positive Youth Development (PYD)—Competence, Confidence, Character, Connection, and Caring. Why? Because mastering these five aspects can empower teens to excel across a range of life domains, including academics, personal growth, career development, mental well-being, financial management, relationship building, and more.

Here's how Ambition makes this happen:



We offer a personalized learning path filled with bite-sized lessons aimed to equip teens with the skills they need to thrive.



Our app was designed to build self-esteem, guiding teens to believe in their own abilities.



The Ambition app facilitates relationship-building, both within their current network and outside it.



Through activities and engagement, we help teens establish strong moral and ethical foundations.



Teens learn to extend compassion to themselves and others, deepening their emotional intelligence.

So, what does thriving look like for a teen equipped with the 5Cs? Imagine a young adult who is not only capable but also compassionate, confident, connected, and above all, caring. That's a future leader, a future parent, a future community-builder.

Impact and Success

Changing Lives, Building Communities

We don't just measure our success in numbers; we measure it in transformations. Every teen who uses Ambition is another young life on a journey to thrive.

How do we assess impact? It's important to know that our efforts create real change. That's why assessment is built right into the Ambition experience. Teens complete assessment surveys, quizzes, reflection videos, and even submit work samples, ensuring that they're not just participating but truly thriving.

Core Value Propositions

Transforming Teens Through 4 Pillars

When it comes to empowering our teens to thrive, we've built Ambition on four cornerstone values that make all the difference. Here's how:


Imagine a teen navigating life with a personalized toolkit for success. That's what we offer: tailored learning paths filled with bite-sized activities that help build real-world skills.


Sometimes, the only thing standing between a teen and their dreams is a lack of resources. We offer crowdfunding opportunities to help teens acquire what they need to soar.


Access to unique experiences and programs opens new doors for growth and discovery. We provide exclusive programs and experiences that offer invaluable life lessons.


Every teen needs a village. That's why we built the Village, a one-of-a-kind support network where the caring adults in a teen’s life offer guidance, love, and inspiration.

We're not just building an app; we're creating stepping stones to a thriving life.

Pricing and Partnerships

Making Ambition Accessible To All

In our quest to empower every teen to thrive, we believe access is everything. That's why Ambition is FREE for teens, village members, schools, youth organizations, and everyone else.

How do we do it? We're fueled by partnerships with organizations that share our vision and are eager to scale their impact.

If you're a corporation looking to amplify your impact, let’s collaborate. With Ambition, you can elevate your initiatives nationally.

If you're a nonprofit inspired to change lives and broaden your reach, let's connect. With Ambition, you can take your mission nationwide.

Download and Availability

Thousands of teens have already experienced the transformative power of Ambition through our private beta tests. Over 25,000 lessons have been completed on Ambition by teens from around the country. 

If you're a nonprofit passionate about youth development and are eager to bring a fresh approach to your teens, consider being part of our beta journey. Let's collaborate and co-create a brighter future, together.

Our North Star? To reach nearly 100% of teens, just like social media does, but with a life-changing twist. While social media often depletes, we aim to enrich, empower, and elevate. It's a big goal, but it's within reach. Ambition can change the trajectory of an entire generation. Support the movement.

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