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Impact Through Life Skills Education

Project Ambition is on a mission to give every teen an opportunity to maximize their potential by democratizing life skills education. 

Ambition provides the platform.

Partners provide the resources.

Teens provide the time and effort.

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Ambition Focus Areas

While Ambition covers a wide range of skills, we focus on three main areas to help teens thrive in life.


College Readiness

Get into and graduate from college


Career Readiness

Find, acquire, and grow in your career




Manage your money, health, and relationships

Why these areas? Most teens will either go to college, enroll in a trade school, or join the workforce immediately after high school, and all teens are expected to become responsible adults who contribute to society. Unfortunately, regardless of the path they take, achievement statistics aren't kind to teens from certain backgrounds, for many reasons. Ambition empowers all teens to take control of their future by teaching them the skills needed to be successful, even if the road is hard.

The Ambition App

Ambition is a collection of bite-sized skill development courses designed for teens.

Ambition Courses

Below are some of the introductory courses found on Ambition.

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