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You need the next generation,

and the next generation needs you!

Unfortunately, far too many in the next generation aren’t getting the opportunities needed to thrive, especially those from underserved communities. These opportunity gaps lead to the widening of education gaps, achievement gaps, wealth gaps, and more. Their future is our future, and it’s going to take all of us if we’re going to change the next generation.

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Directly impact the next generation by sponsoring them to learn life skills.

If a teen is willing to invest time to develop skills to be more college ready, career ready, and adult ready, are you willing to sponsor and reward that development?

How It Works

On Ambition, you can sponsor and reward teens for completing high-quality, highly-impactful skill-building courses.


Target Your Impact

Decide how many teens, from where, and what courses to sponsor.


Impact Teens

Teens earn rewards for completing your sponsored courses on Ambition.


See Your Impact

Track your impact through data and teen testimonial videos.

We offer two additional options if a sponsor is interested.

1.  You can share words of encouragement and support with the teens you sponsor. This is a great activity for employees if you're an organization or families if you're an individual donor.

2.  You can create a custom course or series around a topic that you're passionate about. Our curriculum team will work with you to create new, high-quality courses.

Why Use Us

When it comes to social impact, Ambition is unique.



So you can impact more people.



So it takes fewer resources.


So you can have specific impact.



So it doesn’t take much effort from you.



So you can easily track and report your impact.

Companies x Social Impact

Most agree that companies have a responsibility to make the world a better place. By engaging in social impact, a company shows its values to employees, shareholders, customers, and the rest of the world. Education, in particular, is one of the most impactful and well-received areas. Ambition furthers UN Sustainable Development Goal #4 on Quality Education.

Imagine a headline like...

"YOUR COMPANY NAME sponsors 25,000 teens to take life skills courses."

Join The Movement

We work with companies, foundations, nonprofits, and individual donors to impact teens all over the country. Some sponsor tens of kids, some sponsor thousands of kids. It's all needed.

Are you ready to impact the next generation? 

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